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Flickers of Freedom

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Videos, podcasts

2018 Locke lectures by Peter Railton on Doing and Learning, addressing rationality, desires, belief and other topics

Paul Russel on Fate at Philosophy Bites

The 2017 Locke lectures by Michael Smith

Constantine Sandis on Motivation

A conversation between Prof Sandis and Dr David Webster on Philosophy of Action

Sandis on Action in Life and Art at the Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP)

Michael Thompsons's 2015 talk at the RIP

Robert Audi's 2015 talk at the RIP

John Hyman's 2015 talk at the RIP

Jonathan Dancy's 2015 talk at the RIP

Ellen Fridland's talk at the RIP

Penelope Mackie's talk at the RIP

Tom Pink's talk at the RIP

Helen Steward's talk at the RIP

Maria Alvarez's talk at the RIP

Jennifer Hornsby's talk at the RIP

Greg Sadler's intro to Aristotle on Desire, Emotion and Action

Peter Millican's intro lecture on free will for 1st years at Oxford University

An interview with Helen Steward at the RIP

Michael McKenna at the Gothenburg Responsibility Project in 2016

Helen Steward at the Gothenburg Responsibility Project in 2016

Helen Beebee at the Gothenburg Responsibility Project in 2016

Derk Pereboom at the Gothenburg Responsibility Project in 2016

An interview with Derk Pereboom by the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies on free will

Al Mele on the Big Questions

Lucie O'Brien on 'Action as Prime'

Lucy O'Brien on Agency, Morals and Mind

Winkielman on Embodiement

Lucy O'Brien's talk 'Ambulo Ergo Sum'

Al Mele on Two Theories of Free Will

Al Mele on Why Science Hasn't Disproved Free Will

Robert Kane on Free Will

A conversation with B. F. Skinner on Behaviourism

A short intro to Rational Choice Theory

Blogs of Related Interest

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PEA Soup

Experimental Philosophy

Brains (Phil. of Mind & Cog. Sci Blog)

Matters of Substance (Metaphysics Blog)

Nietzsche Blog (Brian Leiter)

Nietzsche & Action Theory Blog (Carlos Narziss)

Nomos Network for Applied Philosophy

The Space of Reasons(Avery Archer)

Kadri Vihvelin's Blog

Action Related Pages

Action Theory (Elisabeth Pacherie)

Animal Behavior Society

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

Debate on X-Phi(New York Times)

Determinism and Freedom (Ted Honderich)

European Association for Decision Making

Experimental Philosophy

Project Implicit

Shaping,Sharing, and Understanding Minds                                             

The Study of Character

Audio Podcasts

Philosophy Bites

Human Agency - Jennifer Hornsby

Group Agency - Philip Pettit

Free Will - Thomas Pink

Free Will - Frederico Luzzi & Aidan McGlynn

Moral Psychology - Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Moral Responsibility & Consciousness - Neil Levy

Philosophy Talk (with John Perry & Ken Taylor)

Making Decisions - Dan Ariely

Autonomy - John Christman

Is Free Will an Illusion?-John Martin Fischer

Challenges to Free Will-Manuel Vargas

Procrastination - Tim Pychyl

Altruism - Jeff Schloss

Making Decisions - Dan Ariely

Desire - William Irvine

The Language of Responsibility

Other Sources

Collective Action- Ben Laurence

Free Will - Simon Blackburn, Galen Strawson, & Helen Beebee (R4, In Our Time)

'10 Minute Puzzle' of Free Will(Northern Institute of Philosophy)

Doctrine of Double Effect - Michael Otsuka (Ethics Bites)

The Puzzle of Free Will- Alfred R. Mele

Tribute to G.E.M. Anscombe - P. Foot & R. Hurtshouse (R4,Woman's Hour)

Nietzsche of Freedom - Brian Leiter

Aquinas on Intention,Action, and Practical Good- Candace Vogler

Criminal Responsibility- Antony Duff

Moral Psychology - Alex Gregory, Michael Lacewing, & Constantine Sandis (Philosophy Now)

New Year's Resolutions - David Finkelstein & J. David Velleman

Podcasts from CSMN conf. on Self-Knowledge & Rational Agency

Video Podcasts

Alief in Action 1 and 2 - Tamar Gendler discusses alief with

(1) Eric Schwitzgebel and (2) Paul Bloom

Blame - Thomas Scanlon (lecture)

Choice and Irrationality- Al Mele (interview)

Freedom and Neurobiology- John Searle (lecture)

Freedom: Is Science Compatible with Our Desire for it?- Various talks (inc. Mele & Kane)

Free Will- Randy Clarke and Stephen Kearns (debate)

Free Will parts one, two, and three (short film)

Free Will and Moral Responsibility - A discussion between Gregg Caruso and Bruce Waller on Philosophy TV

Free Will and Science- Alfred R. Mele and Eddy Nahmias in discussion on Philosophy TV

Free Will & the Brain - Raymond Tallis (panel discussion)

Free Will: The Good Absurd - Will Wilkinson interviews Saul Smilansky

Free Will: Where Does it Fit In? - Steven Pinker

Free Will Lecture and Interview- Daniel Dennett

Intention in Action - John McDowell (lecture)

Libet's Experiments- Susan Greenfield (documentary)

Nietzsche on Freedom - Brian Leiter (talk)

Normativity- Judith Jarvis Thomson (lecture)

The Paradox of Choice -Renata Salec (animated video)

Philosophy of Action - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Harvard Law Forum)

Waking Life - excerpt on Free Will