Researchers Working on Action, Agency, and related topics

Lilli Alan (Early Modern Philosophy, Agency, Moral Psychology)

Facundo M. Alonso (Action, Mind, Epistemology)

Roman Altshuler (Action, Free Will, Ethics, Identity, Death)

Maria Alvarez (Reasons, Agency, Anscombe, Reid, Aquinas)

Mark Alznauer (Action theory, Agency, Hegel).

Jesús Aguilar (agency, causal deviance, basic actions, control, mental causation)

Santiago Amaya (Action, Metaethics, Ethics)

Avery Archer (Action & Knowledge, Reasons)

Nomy Arpaly (Moral Psychology,Action Theory, Free Will)

Valérie Aucoutier (Phil. of Action,intention, Action Explanation, Anscombe)

Robert Audi (Practical Reasoning)

Kent Bach (Omissions & Negative Acts, Speech Acts)

Lynne R. Baker (Agency, Philosophical Psychology)

Christian Barry (Social and Political Action)

Roy Baumeister (Social Psychology)

Tim Bayne (Phenomenology of Agency, Self-Deception)

Helen Beebee (Free Will)

Katja Behrens (Phil. of Action, Hegel's account of action, Group agency, Joint action)

Marc Bekoff (Animal Behaviour)

Jonathan Bennett (Action Individuation & Ontology, Early Modern Philosophy)

Monika Betzler (Practical Reasons, Autonomy)

Mark Bevir (social and historical action)

John Bishop (Action Theory, Mental Agency, Metaphysics of Agency)

Rüdiger Bittner (Reasons, Action Explanation)

Arcady Blinov (Action Sentences, Ontology of Action)

Olle Blomberg (Group Agency, Joint Action)

Lisa Bortolotti (Self-Deception, Irrationality, Behaviour Inconsistencies)

Jan Bransen (action theory, self-control, human nature)

Michael Bratman (Shared Agency, Intention, Practical Reason)

Michael Brent (Agent-Causation, Will-Power, Strength of Will, Mental Action)

Jan Broersen (Logics of agency)

John Broome (Rationality & Reasoning, Normativity)

John Brunero (Practical Reason & Rationality, Reasons, Motivation)

Andrei Buckareff (Action Theory, Mental Agency, Mental Causation, Metaphysics of Agency, Divine Action)

Stephen Butterfill (Action, Mind reading, Cognitive science)

Joseph K. Campbell (Free Will, Responsibility, Metaphysics of Action)

Lucy Campbell (Anscombe, Practical Knowledge, Intention, Ability)

Vanessa Carr (Metaphysics of Action, Causation, Abstracta, Explanation)

Gregg D. Caruso (Free Will & Responsibility)

Sarah Rachel Chant (Philosophy of Action, Collectivity, Phil. of Social Sciences)

David K. Chan (Philosophy of Action,Bioethics, Just War Theory, Moral Psychology)

David Charles (Actions as Processes, Akrasia, Aristotle)

Janice Chik Breidenbach (Action, Powers, Tomism, Human rights)

Mark Schram Christensen (Agency, Control, Motor Awareness)

Wayne Christensen (Action, Biology, Cognitive Science, Mental Representation)

Roberto Ciuni (Logics of agency)

Phil Clark (Reasons for Action, Motivation, Practical Reasoning)

Randolph Clarke (agency, intentional action, free will, responsibility, mental causation, practical reason, dispositions)

Rémi Clot-Goudard (Phil. of Action, Intention, Anscombe)

Daniel Cohen (Free Will & Responsibility, Moral Psychology)

Ursula Coope (Self-Movement, Aristotle,Aquinas, Agency)

Jonathan Dancy (Reasons for Action, Motivation & Explanation,Practical Reasoning)

Arthur C. Danto (Action Individuation, Basic Actions, Agency)

Maximillian de Gaynesford (Speech Acts/Performatives, Agency)

Oisín Deery (Philosophy of Agency, Responsibility)

John Deigh (Moral Psychology, Agency, Freud)

Katerina Deligiorgi (Autonomy & Freedom, Moral Psychology,Kant & Hegel)

Mathieu Doucet (Moral Psychology, Weakness of Will, Self-knowledge)

Ezio Di Nucci (Action Theory, Double Effect, Ethics)

Sabine Döring (Autonomy, Control, Emotions, Weakness of Will, Rational Agency)

John Doris (Experimental Social Psychology, Moral Responsibility)

Giuseppina D'Oro (Anti-causalism, Explanation, Metaphysics of Action, Phil. of History, Collingwood)

James Doyle (Philosophy of Action, Ancient Philosophy)

Antony Duff (Criminal Liability, Philosophy of Action)

Fred Dretske (Reasons & Causes, Ontology of Action)

Naomi Eilan (Agency & Self-Awareness, Explanatory Power of Consciousness)

Laura Ekstrom (Volition & the Will, Agency & Control, Freedom & Responsibility)

John Elster (Social Behaviour, Rational Choice Theory, Action Explanation)

Wolfgang Ertl (Kant, Free Will, Morality, Philosophical Theology)

Stephen Everson (Reasons, Motivation, Aristotle)

Simon Evnine (Action Theory,Bodily Movements, Events, Davidson)

Luca Ferrero (Free Will, Shared Agency, Reasons & Causes, Action Theory)

John Martin Fischer (Agency & Identification, Control, Free Will & Responsibility)

Anton Ford (Action Theory, Practical Reasoning, Aristotle, Anscombe, Marx)

Harry G. Frankfurt (Agency & Identification,Free Will & Responsibility, Volition, Bullshit)

Christopher Franklin (Agency, Responsibility, Moral Psychology)

Elisa Freschi (Action & Perception, Agency & Self, Indian Philosophy)

Jennifer Ann Frey (Practical Knowledge, Virtue, Meaning of Life, Anscombe)

Ellen Fridland (Knowledge How, Philosophy of Psychology, Cognitive Science/Mind)

Cord Friebe (Action Explanation)

Antony Galton (logic of action, reasoning)

Brian Garvey (Freudian Motivation, Human Nature, Free Will)

Bastien Gauchot (Actions, Effort, Pain)

Alex Geddes (Animalism, Consciousness, Thought experiments)

Margaret Gilbert (Collective Action & Shared Agency)

Carl Ginet (Metaphysics of Action, Agency, Volition, Responsibility)

William E. Glassman (Social & Motivational Psychology)

Hans-Johann Glock (Animal Behaviour, Davidson, Wittgenstein)

Bruno Gnassounou (Phil. of Action, Dispositions & Causal Powers)

Natalie Gold (practical reasoning, behavioural decision theory, collective action)

Alvin I. Goldman (Action Theory & Individuation, Epistemology)

Naomi Goulder (Phil. of Action, Authority & Authorship)

Alex Gregory (Motivation, Intention)

Mitchell S. Green (Action Theory, Speech Acts, Self-Expression, Decision Theory)

Patricia Greenspan (Practical Reasons, Motivation, Emotion, Free Will)

Thor Gr​ünbaum (Intentional Action, Knowledge of Action)

Hervé Guineret (Sociology of Action)

P. M. S. Hacker (Actions, Wittgenstein, Language, Mind)

Adrian Haddock (Bodily Action & Bodily Movement)

Patrick Haggard (voluntary action, motor cognition)

Ishtiyaque Haji (Action Theory, Philosophical Psychology, Free Will & Responsibility)

Matthew Hanser (Action Theory, Omissions)

Edward Harcourt (Moral psychology, Psychoanalysis, Self-Knowledge, Wittgenstein)

Gilbert Harman (Moral Psychology, Intention, Practical Reasoning)

Matthias Haase (Action Theory, Moral Psychology, Knowledge of Action)

John Heil (Mental Causation, Dispositions)

Edmund Henden (Addiction, Self-Control, Weakness of Will, Responsibility)

Susanne Herrmann-Sinai (Hegel's Theory of Action, Forms of Practical Reasoning)

Andreas Herzig (logic of action)

Ulrike Heuer (Practical Reasons, Moral Psychology)

Pamela Hieronymi (Reasons for Action, Agency, Responsibility)

Frank Hindrinks (Responsibility, Collective Agency, Experimental Philosophy)

Alec Hinshelwood (Action, Intention, History of Philosophy)

Richard Holton (the Will, Akrasia, Intention, Self-Control)

Ted Honderich (Freedom & Determinism)

Jennifer Hornsby (Philosophy of Action, Agency, Mental Causaion)

Rosalind Hursthouse (Virtuous Action, Human Nature, Aristotle, Hume)

Daniel D. Hutto (Narrative Explanations, Philosophical Psychology, Wittgenstein)

David A. Hunter (Knowledge of Action, Agency and Belief, Action)

John Hyman (Phil. of Action, Agency, Voluntariness, Wittgenstein)

Heikki Ikäheimo (Collective Intentionality,Human Interraction, Hegel).

Tracy Isaacs (Collective Action & Intention, Omissions, Action Theory)

David Russell Jenkins (Action, Mind, Epistemology)

Hans Joas (Social Theory, Creativety of Action)

Kaisa Kärki (Omissions, Social action, Agency)

Robert Kane (Libertarian Free Will, Inderterminism,Alternate Possibilities, Luck)

Paul Katsafanas (Agency,Action Theory,Philosophical Psychology, Nietzsche)

Stephen Kearns (Reasons, Free Will & Responsibility)

Jeanette Kennett (Moral Psychology, Agency & Responsibility, Weakness of Will, Decision Theory)

Anthony Kenny (Action,Will, Aristotle, Aquinas,Wittgenstein)

Ravi Khangai (Applied ethics and action theory in the Dharmic and the Bhakti traditions, Karma theory on the Bhagavad Gita)

Jaegwon Kim (Mental Causation, Agency & Self-Knowledge)

Joshua Knobe (Experimental Phil. of Action, Intention & Intentional Action, Moral Psychology)

Dudley Knowles (Explanation, Will, Freedom, Hegel)

Niko Kolodny (Rationality, Reasoning, Ethics, Politics)

Christine Korsgaard (Agency, Self-Constitution, Reason & Motivation, Aristotle, Hume, Kant)

Uriah Kriegel (Intentionality, Consciousness, Action)

Joel Krueger (Embodied Action, Control, Cognitive Science, Empathy, Asian Philosophical Traditions)

Søren Kyllingsbæk(Knowledge of Behaviour)

Michael Lacewing (Psychoanalysis, Philosophical Psychology, Moral Psychology)

Arto Laitinen (Purpose & Intention, Collective Behaviour, Hegel, Ricœur)

Doug Lavin (Phil. of Action, Practical Reason, Moral Psychology)

Ben Laurence (collective action, responsibility)

Jonathan Lear (Therapeutic Action, Psychoanalysis, Freud, Aristotle)

Keith Lehrer (Free Will, Autonomy, Reid)

Brian Leiter (Free Will & Determinism, Moral Psychology,Legal Theory, Nietzsche)

Kathleen Lennon (Action Explanation, Mental Causation)

Neil Levy (Free Will, Self-Control, Moral Psychology)

Christian List (Group Agency, Causal Explanation, Rational Choice Theory)

Daniel Little (Social Explanation, Philosophy of Social Science, Historical Explanation, Marx)

Clayton Littlejohn (Reasons for Action, Practical Reason)

Pierre Livet (Sociology of Action, Collective Agency)

Errol Lord (Reasons for Action, Explanation & Understanding)

Robert Lockie (Free Will, Agency, Responsibility, Epistemology, theoretical Psychology)

E.J. Lowe (Ontology & Individuation of Action, Agent Causation, Volitionism, Locke)

Kirk Ludwig(Collective Action, Mental Causation, Logical Form & Events, Davidson)

Cynthia Macdonald (Psychological & Historical Explanation, Mental Causation, McDowell)

Graham Macdonald (Psychological & Historical Explanation, Mental Causation, McDowell)

Tito Magri (philosophy of action, motivation, Hume)

John Maier (Metaphysics of Agency)

Piotr Thomasz Makowski (Action Theory, Metaethics)

Bertram F. Malle (Social Psychology, Attribution Theory, Psychological Explanation)

Ron Mallon (Moral Psychology, Intention)

Antony Marcel (Awareness of Action)

Eric Marcus (Mental Causation, Reasons Explanation)

John Levi Martin (action explanation, social action, phil. of social science)

Olivier Massin (effort, metaphysics, values, desire)

Mike Martin (Knowledge of Action, Bodily Awareness)

Berislav Marusic (Agency and evidence, Commitment, Trying, Promising)

Joshua May (Motivation, Free Will)

Erasmus Mayr (Agency, Action Explanation, Reasons)

Hugh J. McCann, Jr. (Action Theory, Volitions, Agency, Free Will)

Richard McCarty (Philosophy of Action, Moral Psychology, Kant)

John McDowell (Intention, Reasons, Anscombe, Hegel, Wittgenstein)

Michael McKenna (Compatibilism, Free Will, Responsibility)

Alfred R. Mele (Action Theory, Motivation & Agency, Irrationality, Free Will, Mental Causation)

Elijah Millgram (Practical Reasoning, Structure of Action, Hume)

Kengo Miyazono (Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Agency)

Richard Moran (Agency & Self-Knowledge, Social Explanation, Rationality & Irrationality)

James Morauta (Reasons, Intention)

Jennifer M. Morton (Reasoning, Ethics, Phil of Education, Political Philosophy)

Paul K. Moser (Rational Action, Epistemology of Action)

Carlos Moya (Action Theory,Mental Causation, Responsibility, Davidson)

Jesse Mulder (Intention,  AI, Deontic Logic, Consciousness)

Daniel Muñoz (Practical Reasoning, Reasons, Epistemology, Moral Psychology)

Myrto Mylopoulos (Action theory, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind)

Thomas Nadelhoffer (Experimental Philosophy of Action, Moral Psychology, Free Will)

Thomas Nagel (Motivation,Autonomy, Free Will, Altruism)

Bence Nanay (Action & Perception)

Eddy Nah​mias (Agency, Free Will, X-Phi)

Dana Nelkin (Freedom & Responsibility, Situationism & Luck)

Anne Newstead (Practical Knowledge, Embodiment, Identity)

Lilian O'Brien (Phil. of Action, Explanation, Anti-Causalism)

Lucy O'Brien (Agency & Self-Knowledge,Self-Constitution, Mental Actions)

Timothy O'Connor (Agent Causation, Free Will)

Yuuki Ohta (Philosophy of Action, Intention, Speech-Acts)

Elisabeth Pacherie ( philosophy of psychopathology, action theory)

Katarzyna Paprzycka (Agency Responsibility)

Sarah Paul (Agency & Knowledge, Intention, Explanation, Anscombe)

Carlotta Pavese (Language, Epistemology, Mind, Logic, Action)

Jonathan D. Payton (Philosophy of Action, Omissions, Negative Actions)

David Pearce (Logic of reasoning & action)

Derk Pereboom (Free Will, Responsibility)

Dominik Perler (Early Modern-Renaissance, Abilities, Personal Identity)

Philip Pettit (Group Agency, Psychological Explanaion)

Paul Pietroski (Action Theory, Logical Form, Agent Causation)

Thomas Pink (Free Will, Agency & Responsibility,Suarez,Hobbes)

Robert Pippin (Agency, Fate,Freedom,

Hegel, Nietzsche)

Bill Pollard (Habitual Action, Reasons, Wittgenstein)

Avital Pilpel (Prediction & Decision Theory)

Anthony Price (Practical Reasoning, Mental Conflict, Akrasia, Aristotle)

Joëlle Proust (Mental Acts, Volitionism, Agency & Awareness)

Christopher Pulman (Agency, Phil. of Action, Free Will)

Michael Quante (Action Theory, Intention & Purpose, Hegel, Marx)

Peter Railton (Psychological explanation, Moral Psychology)

Joseph Raz (Practical Reasons, the Will,

Responsibility & Luck)

Soran Reader (Agency & Patienhood, Moral Psychology)

Antoine Rebourg (Action, Effort, Consciousness)

Andrew Reisner (Rationality & Reasons)

Sebastian Rödl (The Will, Reasons, Knowledge of Action)

Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco (Reasons, Shared Agency, Criminal Law)

Johannes Roessler (Agency & Self-Knowledge)

Abraham Roth (Reasons Explanations, Shared Agency)

Neil Roughley (Intention, Autonomy, Double-Effect)

David-Hillel Ruben (Action Theory, Non-Causal Explanation, Cambridge Actions, Marx)

Paul Russell (Free Will & Responsibility, Hume, Strawson)

Alessandro Salice (Social Acts, Motives, Phenomenology)

Léa Salje (Philosophy of Mind, Animal Agency, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology)

Constantine Sandis (Action Theory & Explanation, Tragic Action, Phil. of History, Hume, Hegel)

Carolina Sartorio (Agency, Free Will & Responsibility, Omissions, Causation)

Markus Schlosser (Action Theory, Metaphysics of Agency, Free Will)

Thomas Schmidt (Moral Responsibility)

Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch (Action-Theory, Hegel)

Jonathan Schooler (Self-Aware Behaviour & Decision Theory)

Mark Schroeder (Theory of Motivation, Moral Psycholoy)

Timothy Schroeder (Moral Psychology & esponsibility)

G.F. Schueler (Reasons & Purposes, Teleological Explanation, Motivation & Desire)

David Schweikard (Shared Agency, Group Agents, Intention, Omissions, Responsibility)

John Schwenkler (Practical Knowledge, Perception and Action, Awareness of Action)

John Searle (Collective Agency, Free Will, Rationality)

Scott Sehon (Teleological Explanation, Agency, Free Will)

Marek Sergot (logic of Action, Reasoning)

Kieran Setiya (Reasons & Causes, Intention, Practical Reasoning, Theory of Motivation)

Yonatan Shemmer (Practical Reason, Humeanism, Reasons)

Joshua Shepherd (Action, Mind, Applied Ethics, Cognitive Science)

George Sher (Moral Psychology & Responsibility)

Maureen Sie (Moral Responsibility, Agency, Autonomy, Free Will, Reasons)

Matthew Silverstein (Agency, Reasons for Action, Early Modern Philosophy)

Corrado Sinigaglia (Joint Action, Intention, Philosophy of Science)

Will Small (Action Theory, Knowledge How, Ability, Anscombe, Ryle)

Saul Smilansky (Hard Determinism, Free Will & Responsibility)

Michael Smith (Theory of Motivation, Moral Psychology, Humeanism)

Nancy Snow (Free Will, Moral Psychology)

Tamler Sommers (Free Will, Moral Responsibility, Experimental Philosophy)

Matthew Soteriou (Mental Action, Action & Perception)

Daniel Speak (Phil. of Action, Free Will & Responsibility)

Chandra Sripada (Agency, Self-control, Intentional Action, Free Will)

Thomas Spitzley (Action Theory, Rationality, The Will)

Tom Stafford (Cognitive neuroscience of action selection)

Clemens K Stepina (Action Theory, Hegel, Aristotle, Marx,Tragedy)

Helen Steward (Phil. of Action, ental Causation,Free Will)

Ralf Stoecker (Action Theory, Mental Causation, Animal Behaviour,Davidson)

Rowland Stout (Action Theory & Explanation, Deviant Causal Chains, Processes & Events, Behaviourism)

Frederick Stoutland (Phil. of Action, Reasons, von Wright, Davidson)

Sarah Stroud (Action, Moral Psychology, Metaethics)

Yudai Suzuki (Action, Epistemology)

Galen Strawson (Hard Determinsim, Freedom & Responsibility, Luck)

Bart Streumer (Practical Reasoning, Free Will & Responsibility)

Barry Stroud (Knowledge of Action, Practical reasoning)

Sarah Stroud (Weakness of Will, Practical Reasoning, Moral Psychology)

Karsten Stueber (Empathy & Agency, Phil. of History, Mental Causation, Davidson)

Maria Svedberg (Free Will, Determinism, Powers, Responsibility)

James Swindal (Agent Causation, Action Theory, Habermas)

Yudai Suzuki (Philosophy of Action, Disjunctivism, Heidegger)

Andras Szigeti (Free Will, Responsibility, Political Philosophy, Experimental Philosophy)

Nassim N. Taleb (Prediction & Risk, Human Nature, Phil. of History)

Julia Tanney (Reason Explanation, Self-Knowledge, Ryle, Wittgenstein)

Christine Tappolet (Deliberation, Irrationality, Moral Psychology, Procrastination)

Charles Taylor (Phil. of Action, Agency, Explanation, Intention, Hegel)

Roger Teichmann (Moral Psychology, Anscombe)

Sergio Tenenbaum (Practical Reason,Weakness of Will, Motivation, Intention)

Bernard Thierry (Social Cognition & Animal Behaviour)

Michael Thompson (Life & Action, Practical Wisdom,Naive Action Theory)

Judith Jarvis Thomson (Action individuation, Acts & Omissions,Practical Reasoning)

Kevin Timpe (Free Will, Sourcehood & Alternative Possibilities)

Neil Tognazzini (Agency, Free Will & Responsibility, Moral Psychology)

Peter van Inwagen(Metaphysics of Free Will)

Genki Uemura (Husserl, Phenomenology, Action, Agency)

Joseph Ulatowski (Action Individuation, Metaphysics of Action, Experimental Philosophy)

Markos Valaris (Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Actions, Practical Reasoning)

Manuel Vargas (Agency, Free Will & Moral Responsibility)

J. David Velleman (Agency & Identification,Practical Reasoning)

Barbara Vetter (Dispositions, Abilities, Powers, Modality)

Kadri Vihvelin (Agency, Free Will & Responsibility, Moral Psychology)

Nicole Vincent (Theories of responsibility, Moral Psychology)

Candace Vogler (Practical Reasoning, Moral Psychology, Anscombe)

Katja Maria Vogt (Guise of the Good, Agency, Ancient Greek, Ethics, Espitemology)

Kathleen D. Vohs (Self-Control, Impulsive Behaviour, Regulation)

Rachael Wiseman (Knowledge of action, intention, action theory, Anscombe)

R. Jay Wallace (Practical Reason, Free Will & Responsibility, Moral Psychology)

Gary Watson (Agency & Answerability, Free Will)

Bernard Weiner (Social & Motivation Psychology, Attribution Theory)

Ruth Weintraub (Epistemology of Action, Decision Theory, Early Modern)

V. Alan White (Free Will & Determinism)

Eric Wiland (Practical Reason, Rationality, Moral Psychology)

James Wilk (metaphysics of action)

George Wilson (Action Theory,Intentional Action, Reasons Explanation, Wittgenstein)

Hong Yu Wong (Bodily Awareness, Agency, the Will, O'Shaugnessy)

Fiona Woollard (Doing and Allowing)

Arno Wouters (Conscious Control, Agency & Awareness, Free Will)

Wayne Wu (Action, Attention, Perception, Schizophrenia)

Gideo Yaffe (Action Theory, Intention, Free Will, Reid)

Kritika Yegnashankaran (Philosophy of Action, Moral Psychology)

István Zoltán Zárdai (Action Theory, Knowledge of Action)

Anna C. Zielinska (Phil. of Action, Kotarbinski, Ricœur)

Michael Zimmerman (Human Action, Luck & Responsibility, Chisholm)

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Graduate Students

Dan Haas (Philosophy of Action, Moral Psychology)

Saeed Hassanzade (Nature of Action, Action Individuation, Islamic Philosophy)

Nathan Hauthaler (Naïve Rationalization in the Philosophy of Action)

Markus Kneeer (reasons explanations)

Olivier Massin (Willing, Activity,Bodily Sensation)

Dylan Murray (Action Theory, Moral Psychology)

Bryony Pierce (Consciousness of Action, Free Will Experimental Philosophy)