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Please let me know of any philosophy of action specific jobs, news (hires, projects, postdocs, someone won a big prize, got into the news, etc.) and events. I'll be happy to post them here.

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Prof Barbara Vetter and Prof Dominik Perler are leading an exciting project on Human Abilities at the Freie Uni Berlin. Some cool events will be coming up there, keep an eye on their work.

Universidad de los Andes and University of California in San Diego started a promising project on Free Will and connected issues in action theory. One of the aims is to help develop the so far untapped potential that is to be found in South America.

You can also read an interview with Santiago and they've also done some in-depth, interesting interviews on free will which are available for free on their site.

Josh Shepherd is running an exciting new project with the title Rethinking Conscious Agency. Go check it out!

John Schwenkler's (FSU) new book on Anscombe's Intention is out now with OUP.

A very exciting project started on the nature and value of effort, and some of its relations to moral psychology at the University of Neuchâtel’s Philosophy Institute, in Switzerland, led by Prof. Olivier Massin.

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