Action-Related Journals

Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Behavior and Philosophy

Journal of the Philosophy of History

Philosophers' Imprint

Philosophical Explorations

Philosophy of Action eJournal (SSRN)


- special issue on the Enkratic requirement of rationality, edited by Julian Fink, with some excellent contributions.

Modern Schoolman

- special issue on Free Will and Moral Responsibility.

Philosophical Issues

- issue on Action Theory.

Humana Mente

- special issue on Agency (Link now defunct), featuring essays by Shaun Gallagher, Terence Horgan, Susan Pockett, Jing Zhu, and more.

Ideas y Valores

- special issue on Free Will, Determinism & Moral Responsibility, featuring essays by Frankfurt, Kane, Moya, Vargas, Hoyos, Timpe, Haji, Patarrayo, Pereboom, and Betzler.

Essays in Philosophy

- special Issue on Love and Reasons, featuring essays by Roger Fjellström, Kyle Hubbard, John Shand, Eric J. Silverman, Thomas H. Smith, Alan Soble, Jussi Suikkanen, and Paul Voice.

Social Theory and Practice

- special issue on John Martin Fischer's Work, featuring essays by Ben Bradley, Elizabeth Harman, Pamela Hieronymi,Neil A. Tognazzini, Keith Lehrer, Peter A. Graham, Meghan Griffith, and others.

Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio, Issue 4, October 2011: Action, Perception and Language (ed. Claudia Scorolli)

Psychologi​cal models of (ir)ration​ality and decision making (Synthese).