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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entries:

Abilities- John Maier

Action - George Wilson & Samuel Shpall

Agency- Markus Schlosser

Anomalous Monism- Steven Yalowitz

G.E.M. Anscombe - Julia Driver

Arguments for Incompatibilism- Kadri Vihvelin

Compatibilism - Michael McKenna

Desire - Tim Schroeder

Dispositions - Michael Fara

Divine Freedom -William Rowe

Doctrine of Double Effect - Alison McIntyre

Donald Davidson - Jeff Malpas

Epiphenomenalism - William Robinson

Events - Roberto Casati and Achille Varzi

Fatalism - Hugh Rice

Folk Psychology & Mental Simulation-

Robert M. Gordon

Foreknowledge & Free Will - Linda Zagzebski

Free Will -Timothy O'Connor

Hume on Free Will - Paul Russell

Incompatibilism- Randolph Clarke

Intention - Kieran Setiya

The Logic of Action- Krister Segerberg, John-Jules Meyer, & Marcus Kracht

Mental Causation - David Robb and John Heil

Metaphysics of Causation-Jonathan Schaffer

Moral Luck - Dana K. Nelkin

Moral Psychology: Empirical Approaches - John Doris, Stephen Stitch, Jonethan Phillips, Lachlan Walmsley

Moral Responsibility -Andrew Eshleman

Personal Autonomy - Sarah Buss

Practical Reason- R. Jay Wallace

Practical Reason & The Structure of Actions- Elijah Millgram

Reasons for Action: Internal vs. External- Stephen Finlay

Reasons for Action: Justification, Motivation, Explanation-

Maria Alvarez

Reasons for Action: Justification vs. Explanation - James Lenman

Thomas Reid - Gideon Yaffe & Ryan Nichols

Paul Ricœur- Bernard Dauenhaue

Weakness of Will - Sarah Stroud

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Entries:

G. E. M. Anscombe - Duncan Richter

Behaviorism - Larry Hauser

Collective Responsibility - David T. Risser

Epiphenomenalism - Sven Walter

Foreknowledge & Free Will - Norman Swartz

Free Will - Kevin Timpe

Medieval Theories of Free Will - Colleen McClusky

Medieval Theories of Practical Reason - Christopher Toner

Mental Causation - Julie Yoo

Moral Luck - Andrew Latus

Praise & Blame- Garrath Williams

Responsibility - Garrath Williams

Thomas Reid: Theory of Action - Engels Kroeker

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Entries:

Action - Naomi Goulder and Jennifer Hornsby

Action at a Distance - Steven French

G. E. M. Anscombe - Rachael Wieseman

Donald Davidson - Ernie Lepore

Ethics and Action - Matt King

Free Will - Galen Strawson

Freedom, Divine - William R. Rowe

Intention - Robert Dunn

Moral Agents - Vinit Haksar

Moral Motivation - R. J. Wallace

Practical Rationality - Jean Hampton

Practical Reason and Ethics - Onora O'Neil

Reasons for Action - Eric Wiland

Responsibility - R. A. Duff

Social Action - Raimo Tuomela

Social Sciences, phil. of- David-Hillel Ruben

The Will - Tom Pink

Online papers

This page will be refreshed rarely. We aim to add pages which store published papers in philosophy of action and related fields.

These days a good starting place for anyone looking for papers is PhilPapers, Academia.edu, and Researchgate.

From PhilPapers:

Philosophy of Action (edited by Constantine Sandis)

Action Theory (edited by Andrei Buckareff)

Free Will (edited by Neil Levy)

Reasons & Reasons and Causes (edited by Errol Lord)

Weakness of Will (edited by Carlos Mauro)

Mental Causation (edited by Sven Walter)

Knowledge of Action (edited by John Schwenkler)

Consciousness of Action (edited by Myrto Mylopoulos)

Practical Reason (edited by Jonathan Way)

Responsibility and Reactive Attitudes (edited by Garrath Williams)

Decision Theory (edited by Rachael Briggs)

Game theory and Political Philosophy (edited by Robert C Robinson)

Georg von Wright's Norm and Action and Varieties of Goodness is available on the site of The Gifford Lectures

20th World Congress of Philosophy (1998) - Papers on Action

X-Phi Papers on Intentional Action & Papers on Free Will & Responsibility

Research Papers at Project Implicit