Istvan Zoltan Zardai was a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University and at the University of Hertfordshire, doing research on Philosophy of Action.

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Istvan Zoltan Zardai

Director of High Fives, Apple


Andrei Buckareff is Assistant professor of Philosophy at Marist College

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Andrei Buckareff

Head of Potatoes, The Internet


Constantine Sandis is Professor in Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire

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Constantine Sandis

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This is a terrific idea and very useful website for people working on the philosophy of action and related topics. I am now becoming interested in neuroscience and the law and this too has an important connection to the type of information about publications and conferences that your site tracks. Thanks for doing this.

Professor Fred Adams

Chair of Linguistics & Cognitive Science

Professor of Philosophy

Advisor to the Science Ethics and Public Policy Program

University of Delaware, USA

The website on philosophy of action is very helpful to researchers in this broad area.

Professor Lynne R. Baker

Distinguished Professor

Department of Philosophy

University of Massachusetts, USA is an original and valuable service which can genuinely foster interactions between researchers in the field of philosophy of action. It is our opinion that its maintainers deserve support to further enhance this unique digital resource, and we intend to collaborate with them in whatever way we can to help them develop it.

Dr. David Bourget (School of Advanced Study, University of London, UK)

Professor David Chalmers (Australian National University; New York University, USA

Directors, PhilPapers

I am extremely pleased to see what a useful resource you have produced for the philosophy of action, evidently as a result of hard and conscientious work. All philosophers of action will be grateful to you.

Professor John Broome

White’s Professor of Moral Philosophy

Fellow of Corpus Christi College

University of Oxford, UK

The Philosophy of Action website is a terrific resource for philosophers, social scientists, and legal theorists interested in human agency. The site is enables us to see what has recently been published on this topic and what upcoming conferences will address it. Thanks for organizing the website.

Professor Randolph Clarke

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Philosophy

Florida State University, USA

This is a splendid resource.

Dr. Katerina Deligiorgi

Senior Lecturer in Literature and Philosophy

Director of Doctoral Studies

University of Sussex, UK

This is a great website. Thanks a lot for putting it together. It is a great resource for all of us philosophers of action. The philosophy of action needs your website.

Dr. Luca Ferrero

Associate Professor of Philosophy

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, USA

The "Philosophy of Action" website is a powerful tool and fills a long-felt need for updated news and information about projects in this promising field of study. By making scholars aware of each other's work, it will help scholars in joining their efforts and in avoiding pleonastic enterprises. For the same reasons, it will inspire perspective and current PhD students, helping them in selecting a field of investigation, accompanying them in their research by making them aware of new articles, etc., and supporting them in the early stages of their academic career.

Dr. Elisa Freschi

Lecturer in Oriental Studies

La Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy

The website devoted to the philosophy of action is highly desirable. I have found particularly useful its “Online Resources” and its “Researchers & Programmes” links.Some students tell me that they have used the “Bibliographies” link frequently.

Professor Ishtiyaque Haji

Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Philosophy

University of Calgary, Canada

The site seems to me to be excellent. In creating and maintaining their Philosophy of Action web site (, Sandis and Buckareff are providing a valuable resource for anyone interested in human action in all its varied dimensions.

Professor John Heil

Director, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program

Washington University in St Louis, USA

This is great site - it provides a unique one-stop-shop of a wide range of useful resources for investigating the philosophy of action. It is a real treasure trove for philosophers and others interested in this and related topics. I love its clean, uncomplicated and easy to navigate pages.

Professor Daniel D. Hutto

Professor of Philosophical Psychology

University of Hertfordshire, UK

Congratulations to Constantine Sandis and Andrei Buckareff for an excellent website devoted to the major innovations in the philosophy of action! Their site has already earned many admirers, and it promises to showcase many current issues as this important area of philosophy continues to grow.

Professor Michael McKenna

Professor and Keith Lehrer Chair

Department of Philosophy & Center for the Philosophy of Freedom

University of Arizona, USA

When the bibliography is completed, it will be a fantastic tool for research and educational purposes. Having articles online will be an important contribution to the circulation of ideas.

Professor Joёlle Proust

Director of Research

Institut Jean-Nicod CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research)

Ecole Normale Supérieure

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales - Paris, France

I found the web page very helpful and easy to navigate.

Prof. Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco

Surrey University, UK

I've just looked at your site. It's a truly excellent resource already - but I can see that there's scope for it to be made even bigger and better. Philosophy of action is a burgeoning sub-field of philosophy, coming out at last from the shadow both of philosophy of mind and of metaphysics - and gaining recognition in its own right. It would be immensely useful for the growing number of researchers in this field to have somewhere they could come and be confident of finding up-to-date bibliographies, conference information, links to blogs, etc.

Dr. Helen Steward

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Dept of Philosophy

University of Leeds, UK

The Philosophy of Action website is a terrific resource, and an indispensable tool for keeping current with the field.

Professor Manuel Vargas

Department of Philosophy

University of San Francisco, USA

The Philosophy of Action website is a key resource for students and researchers in the philosophy of action. It helpfully collects many diverse sources of information relevant to the topic: substantive, pedagogical, and practical. There is no other website like this in the philosophy of action. I highly recommend that you bookmark it!

Dr. Hong Yu Wong

Group Leader, Philosophy of Neuroscience

Centre for Integrative Neuroscience Tübingen, Germany

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