Careers with Philosophy and the Usefulness of the Field

Since the site is often visited by students we want to offer them some potentially helpful resources. Philosophy if often attacked on the basis that it is useless and that studying it can't lead to good jobs. While we don't want to encourage or dissuade anyone and are not a site specialised in giving advice, we would like you to have access to some of the positive and sometimes less popularised news and statistics too so that you can make informed choices.

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The Philosopher's Cocoon is a great collection of advice to philosophy students, PhDs and young professionals. It also features many interviews of people who became successful in other fields after gaining a philosophy degree.

The National Bureau of Economic Research's (USA) analysis the costs and net returns of different college majors. It shows data for philosophy majors and the numbers are actually pretty good. Worth checking out if your worry is that you won't earn enough in the field.

A good collection of links to discussions and data on the value of philosophy by the Daily Nous

A case for majoring in philosophy

Info on what uses studying philosophy has, how much you might expect to earn, and what professions are open to you

Some advice on what fields are open to one with a philosophy major

The American Philosophical Association's website with lots of info on the number of graduates, their employment statistics and other important info for those considering to work in philosophy.

A collection of interviews with people who transitioned from philosophy to other fields using their philosophy skills

5 Reasons why philosophy majors make good entrepreneurs

Data on the earning power of philosophy majors (good news, mostly)

Linked-in page of professionals with philosophy degrees

A brief guide on writing a statement of teaching for philosophy