Research Groups & Projects

Behavioral Studies(Littleton, Cambridge MA)

Between Perception and Action (Antwerp)

Centre for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition (Max Plank Institute for Human Development, Berlin)

Big Questions in Free Will (Florida State University Project)

Brain & Behavior (Serendip, Bryn Mawr College)

Control of Action (Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance)

Genes & Behavior (Serendip, Bryn Mawr College)

Implicict Bias & Philosophy(Sheffield University)

Knowledge & Action Lab(Lyon)

Moral Psychology (New Jersey)

New Boundaries in a Theory of Action (Lisbon)

Practical Reasoning (University of Utah)

Research Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics (Macquarie University) inc. Human Agency & Selfhood

STILNET Group: Action and Agency

Understanding Agency(Uppsala University)

Indeterminism LTD (Utrecht)

Programmes & Courses

Rankings of Graduate Programs in Phil. of Action (Leiter Gourmet Report)

Material for University Courses on Phil. of Action:

Bryn Mawr College(Bharath Vallabha)

Central European University (Ferenc Huoranszki)

McGill University (David Cargnello)

New York University (J. David Velleman)

UC San Diego (Matthew Talbert)

University of Edinburgh (Bill Pollard & Natalie Gold)

University of Hertfordshire (Constantine Sandis)

University of Machester (Thomas Smith)

University of Oslo

University of Oxford(John Hyman)

University of Utah(Elijah Millgram)

University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee (Luca Ferrero)