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Is your belief in free will influenced by having to go to the loo? A scientific study investigates 

(among others) this question.

Some hilarious philosophy pictures and jokes. (Including teenage Nietzsche, 

philosophy Valentines day cards, and more.)

If you are in urgent need of some more valentine day's cards here you go.


Return Policies of Various Academic Philosophies

Reason and Action banned for obscenity

The Best of Michael Smith

The use of Philosophy in The Simpsons

Philosophical powers in action


The German Idea of Freedom (early version)

The German Idea of Freedom (later version)

The Essential Sociality of Human Action


Free Will and Testament - Robert Wyatt

Action - The Sweet

Autonomy- The Buzzcocks

Wishing Harry Frankfurt a Happy 80th Birthday - Princeton Philosophy Faculty.

A collection and interpretation of popular songs which deal with Reasons.


PhD Comics

Existential Comics

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The Perry Bible Fellowship