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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entries:

Abilities- John Maier

Action - George Wilson & Samuel Shpall

Agency- Markus Schlosser

Anomalous Monism- Steven Yalowitz

G.E.M. Anscombe - Julia Driver

Arguments for Incompatibilism- Kadri Vihvelin

Compatibilism - Michael McKenna

Desire - Tim Schroeder

Dispositions - Michael Fara

Divine Freedom -William Rowe

Doctrine of Double Effect - Alison McIntyre

Donald Davidson - Jeff Malpas

Epiphenomenalism - William Robinson

Events - Roberto Casati and Achille Varzi

Fatalism - Hugh Rice

Folk Psychology & Mental Simulation-

Robert M. Gordon

Foreknowledge & Free Will - Linda Zagzebski

Free Will -Timothy O'Connor

Hume on Free Will - Paul Russell

Incompatibilism- Randolph Clarke

Intention - Kieran Setiya

The Logic of Action- Krister Segerberg, John-Jules Meyer, & Marcus Kracht

Mental Causation - David Robb and John Heil

Metaphysics of Causation-Jonathan Schaffer

Moral Luck - Dana K. Nelkin

Moral Psychology: Empirical Approaches - John Doris, Stephen Stitch, Jonethan Phillips, Lachlan Walmsley

Moral Responsibility -Andrew Eshleman

Personal Autonomy - Sarah Buss

Practical Reason- R. Jay Wallace

Practical Reason & The Structure of Actions- Elijah Millgram

Reasons for Action: Internal vs. External- Stephen Finlay

Reasons for Action: Justification, Motivation, Explanation-

Maria Alvarez

Reasons for Action: Justification vs. Explanation - James Lenman

Thomas Reid - Gideon Yaffe & Ryan Nichols

Paul Ricœur- Bernard Dauenhaue

Weakness of Will - Sarah Stroud

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Entries:

G. E. M. Anscombe - Duncan Richter

Behaviorism - Larry Hauser

Collective Responsibility - David T. Risser

Epiphenomenalism - Sven Walter

Foreknowledge & Free Will - Norman Swartz

Free Will - Kevin Timpe

Medieval Theories of Free Will - Colleen McClusky

Medieval Theories of Practical Reason - Christopher Toner

Mental Causation - Julie Yoo

Moral Luck - Andrew Latus

Praise & Blame- Garrath Williams

Responsibility - Garrath Williams

Thomas Reid: Theory of Action - Engels Kroeker

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Entries:

Action - Naomi Goulder and Jennifer Hornsby

Action at a Distance - Steven French

G. E. M. Anscombe - Rachael Wieseman

Donald Davidson - Ernie Lepore

Ethics and Action - Matt King

Free Will - Galen Strawson

Freedom, Divine - William R. Rowe

Intention - Robert Dunn

Moral Agents - Vinit Haksar

Moral Motivation - R. J. Wallace

Practical Rationality - Jean Hampton

Practical Reason and Ethics - Onora O'Neil

Reasons for Action - Eric Wiland

Responsibility - R. A. Duff

Social Action - Raimo Tuomela

Social Sciences, phil. of- David-Hillel Ruben

The Will - Tom Pink